Feb 19, 2018

Nicole and Robert are huge film buffs, so it would make sense if they decided that their big day should be centered around what they have a true affinity for and that’s classic movies. After searching around it was plain to see that no venue could pull off Nicole and Robert’s true love for film better than the Fox Event Center in Redlands, California. The Fox was built in 1927. Celebrities from Hollywood and people from miles around would come to see Vaudeville shows as well as some of the great silent movies of the time. Nicole and Robert’s ceremony as well as the reception was held at The Fox. The reception started with the introductions, followed by the first dance and then gradually transformed into a full blown party. Overall, the entire day was a lot of fun and I really enjoyed being there! I have to say that I had so much fun doing this wedding and hope to see these guys very soon.